An Enemy of the People

by Henrik Ibsen
In an adaptation by Rebecca Lenkiewicz

Summary: Dr. Thomas Stockmann has made a significant discovery: the Baths that generate his town’s economy are contaminated with pollution from the tannery upstream. To combat this problem, Thomas suggests that the local paper publish his findings and proposes that the town reroute the water system. His brother Peter, the town mayor, opposes shutting off the Baths as it would shut down the driving force of the town’s economy for an indefinite period. With the support of his family and the paper, an enraged Thomas carries through with his plans to make his case public. However, Peter plays politics in covering up “watergate” by winning over the majority of the town, and the paper, and Thomas suddenly finds himself in the minority - and threatened by the people for taking a revolutionary stance against the majority. Eventually, he and his family are under siege and must contemplate starting a new life elsewhere or risk everything in o…